Our engagement with matters of ultimate concern looks quite different now than it did 500 or even 50 years ago. The advent of modernity forced a critical reappraisal of our traditional meaning-giving religions: a subjugation to reasoned analysis and empirical study—whose methods and presumptions have since come to be criticized in their turn by the various deconstructive forms of postmodern critique.

Today, as we enter an integrative post-postmodern paradigm—one that would attempt to assimilate each of the previous epoch’s genuine insights into a yet more advanced and nuanced perspective—the stakes could not be higher. Civilization itself has reached an existential inflection point, occasioned in no small way by a “meaning crisis” brought on by our very advances in critical thought. And so it is with our moment’s radical urgency in mind that we ask: What new religion is possible? How do we reassimilate meaning and regain our footing in wisdom in a way that remains faithful to the insights of the modern and postmodern projects, without losing the priceless essence of spirituality itself? Indeed, what does a word like “spirit” even mean in the 21st century?

The fate of the world may very well depend on how compellingly we answer these questions over the next ten to twenty years.

This site is a space where we can come together and co-create what comes next. It offers a collection of resources (essays, books, videos, etc.) for situating the moment, as well as tools and spaces for engaging in the serious play of religious reconstruction. We hope it can serve as a meaningful hub for those in the metamodern/integral/GameB communities as we collectively engage the project of developing ourselves and the world toward greater peace, insight, and wisdom.

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