Julyan Davey

"A spirituality that forced us to engage with the issues of our time rather than helping us to run away from them. This would be a Metamodern Spirituality. It would be a spirituality that would help us birth The Phoenix. Which is our metaphor for the world that wants to emerge from the ashes of our current collapsing and chaotic society.
In this blog post I want to lay out some of the criteria I’ve pieced together of what a metamodern spirituality might look like. I’ll start with the more philosophical and metaphysical pieces of the puzzle and then move onto more practical aspects."

Brendan Graham Dempsey

"In this article I consider the relationship of such a philosophical revaluation to a new and distinctly ‘metamodern’ sensibility. This post-postmodern ethos, eschewing both the naïve metaphysical systems of the past as well as the superficial materialism of postmodernity, has occasioned a project of reconstruction — one in which new myths and paradigmatic models are now being artfully crafted for the twenty-first century."

Bruce Alderman, Layman Pascal, Edward Berge, Joseph Farley

"As part of this special issue [of Integral Review] we put out a call for definitions and short descriptions of Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality. Below we share what our fishing line pulled out of the sea – four diverse interpretations of the subject – from Bruce Alderman, Layman Pascal, Edward Berge, and Joseph Farley. Murray's longer piece in this special issue offers a detailed description of IPS from yet another perspective."

Michel Clasquin-Johnson

"The academic study of religion has long enjoyed a variety of philosophies and methodologies. A new entrant to this list has now arisen: metamodernism. This article examines the claims of metamodernism and makes an initial attempt to relate it to the academic study of religion, both in its guise as Religious Studies and, more tentatively, as the Theological sciences. Metamodernism, with its emphasis on oscillation and simultaneity, shows great promise as an explanatory framework to understand certain current religious developments, such as the 'Spiritual but not Religious' phenomenon. It may also assist in creating a growing convergence between the various branches of the academic study of religion."

Jonathan Rowson

"Metamodernism is a feeling, and all that constitutes the feeling and flows from it. When we consider the mystery of consciousness and the human drama playing out on this charming anomaly of a planet, feelings are far from trivial – they have cosmological significance. The metamodern feeling co-arises through the perception of our context writ large; it is aesthetic in nature, epistemic in function, historical in character, and it serves to call into question the purpose of the world as we find it, and the meaning of life as we know it..."